British Elite League & British Premier League 15-heat Match (1st version)

British Elite League (including KO Cup & Craven Shield): 1997
British Premier League (including KO Cup & Young Shield): 1997

These matches are held between two teams of six riders who are numbered 1 to 6 when riding at home, and 7 to 12 when riding away. The three riders with the highest averages in each team must be programmed at Nos. 1, 3 and 5 (in any order). In addition, the riders with the lowest and second-lowest averages in each team are designated as the reserve and supplementary reserve respectively.

The heat format is determined as follows:

Red Blue White Y/B
1: 1  (A-B) 2  (C-D) 7  (B-A) 8  (D-C)
2: 3  (B-A) 4  (D-C) 9  (A-B) 10  (C-D)
3: 5  (A-B) 6  (C-D) 11  (B-A) 12  (D-C)
4: 1  (C-D) 2  (A-B) 9  (D-C) 10  (B-A)
5: 3  (C-D) 4  (A-B) 11  (D-C) 12  (B-A)
6: 5  (B-A) 6  (D-C) 7  (A-B) 8  (C-D)
7: 1  (B-A) 2  (D-C) 11  (A-B) 12  (C-D)
8: 3  (A-B) 4  (C-D) 7  (D-C) 8  (B-A)
9: 5  (C-D) 6  (A-B) 9  (B-A) 10  (D-C)
10: 1  (D-C) 4  (B-A) 11  (C-D) 8  (A-B)
11: 3  (D-C) 6  (B-A) 7  (C-D) 10  (A-B)
12: 5  (D-C) 2  (B-A) 9  (C-D) 12  (A-B)
13: *  (A-B) *  (C-D) *  (B-A) *  (D-C)
14: Nom *  (B-A) *  (D-C) *  (A-B) *  (C-D)
15: Top * * * *

Riders take the starting gate positions indicated in parentheses. The actual gate sequence used during the match is determined by the team captain winning the toss of a coin prior to the start. For Heat 15, the home team has choice of gate positions (A & C or B & D). Gate A is on the inside of the track, whilst Gate D is on the outside.

A reserve may have a maximum of six rides prior to Heat 13, and a maximum of seven rides in total. These rides can be taken at any time. A supplementary reserve may also have a maximum of six rides prior to Heat 13, but may only be used as a replacement (unless it is a replacement under the tactical substitute or rider replacement rules) in heats where the reserve is also riding, or when the reserve no longer has any spare rides available after taking into account their remaining programmed rides. In addition, a supplementary reserve may not replace a reserve excluded for a starting infringement or exceeding the two minute time allowance. All exclusions count as rides.

All riders must take at least three rides prior to Heat 13 unless declared injured. If a rider is unable to take the minimum number of rides, their place in a heat may not be taken by any other rider until this requirement is met (i.e. a team may not track a rider). For the purposes of this regulation, an exclusion for a starting infringement or exceeding the two minute time allowance only counts as a ride if the excluded rider is not replaced.

In Heats 4 to 12, a team behind by eight or more points may substitute a programmed rider with any other rider in the team, provided each rider is only used as a tactical substitute once. A substitute rider takes the helmet colour and starting gate position of the replaced rider. Both riders in a heat may be substituted in this manner, provided the Referee is clearly notified which substitute replaces which rider.

In the BEL KO Cup competition only, one Golden Tactical Substitution may be used per meeting instead of a normal tactical substitution. The Golden Tactical Substitute starts fifteen metres behind the starting line, but any points scored by that rider are doubled (i.e. winning the race would yield six points). The starting positions are also amended so the substitute rider starts from Gate D, with their partner starting from Gate B. Any starting infringements result in a further handicap of ten metres. A rider may not become a Golden Tactical Substitute in a heat they are already programmed to ride in.

Each team must nominate two riders for Heat 13, and two riders for Heat 14. These riders may not be those participating in Heat 15, and no rider other than the reserve may be nominated for both Heats 13 and 14 (except when rider replacement is being used).

The two highest scoring riders in each team may only ride in Heat 15. The scores from programmed rides only are counted and bonus points are included. A rider in this heat may only be replaced by the reserve except when declared injured. In this event, the scores of the rider are not considered when deciding the heat line-up.

The team in the lead after Heat 12, or the home team if the scores are level, declares their riders for Heats 13 to 15 first.

The team scoring the greater number of points over all heats is declared the winner. When teams score an equal number of points, the match is declared a draw.