British/National League 13-heat Match

British League: 1969-1987
British League KO Cup: 1969-1978, 1982-1986
British League Cup: 1982-1987
British League Division 2: 1968-1974
British League Division 2 KO Cup: 1969-1974
British League Division 3: 1994
British League Division 3 KO Cup: 1994
New National League: 1975
New National League KO Cup: 1975
National League: 1976-1981, 1984-1987
National League KO Cup: 1976-1980, 1984-1986

These matches are held between two teams of seven riders who are numbered 1 to 7. The two riders with the lowest averages in each team are the reserves and must be programmed at Nos. 6 and 7 (in any order).

The heat format is determined as follows:

Red Blue White Y/B
1: 1 2 1 2
2: 6 7 6 7
3: 5 4 5 4
4: 3 6 3 7
5: 5 4 1 2
6: 1 2 3 6
7: 3 6 5 4
8: 2 7 2 7
9: 5 4 3 6
10: 1 2 5 4
11: 3 7 1 2
12: 1 4 3 5
13: 3 5 1 4

The team captain winning the toss of a coin prior to the start chooses the starting gate positions for the first heat (A & C or B & D). These gate positions then alternate every heat. Gate A is on the inside of the track, whilst Gate D is on the outside.

Each reserve may have a maximum of five rides that may be taken at any time, plus an additional ride as a tactical substitute. All exclusions count as rides.

All riders must take at least three rides during the match unless declared injured. If a rider is unable to take the minimum number of rides, their place in a heat may not be taken by any other rider until this requirement is met (i.e. a team may not track a rider). For the purposes of this regulation, an exclusion for a starting infringement or exceeding the two minute time allowance only counts as a ride if the excluded rider is not replaced.

In Heats 5 to 13, a team behind by six or more points may choose their starting gate positions (A & C or B & D). In addition, they may substitute a programmed rider with any other rider in the team, provided each rider is only used as a tactical substitute once. A substitute rider takes the helmet colour and starting gate position of the replaced rider. Both riders in a heat may be substituted in this manner, provided the Referee is clearly notified which substitute replaces which rider.

The team scoring the greater number of points over all heats is declared the winner. When teams score an equal number of points, the match is declared a draw.