World Cup Five-Team Tournament

Speedway World Cup Last Chance & Final Rounds: 2001-2003

Teams comprise five riders who are numbered 1 to 5, with no reserves. Team A wears the red helmet colour, Team B wears the blue helmet colour, Team C wears the white helmet colour, Team D wears the yellow/black helmet colour, whilst Team E wears the green helmet colour.

The heat format is determined as follows:

Heat Gate A Gate B Gate C Gate D Gate E
1: E1 C1 B1 D1 A1
2: A2 B2 C2 D2 E2
3: A3 E3 D3 B3 C3
4: B4 E4 D4 A4 C4
5: D5 C5 A5 E5 B5
6: B5 E2 C4 A1 D3
7: B1 D4 E3 A2 C5
8: B2 A3 D5 E4 C1
9: A4 E5 D1 C2 B3
10: D2 C3 E1 A5 B4
11: C3 A1 E5 D4 B2
12: B3 C4 A2 E1 D5
13: C5 D1 E2 B4 A3
14: C1 B5 A4 E3 D2
15: A5 C2 E4 D3 B1
16: A1 D2 B3 C5 E4
17: E5 D3 B4 C1 A2
18: C2 E1 A3 B5 D4
19: E2 D5 C3 B1 A4
20: D1 A5 B2 C4 E3
21: E3 B4 A1 D5 C2
22: E4 A2 B5 C3 D1
23: C4 B1 D2 A3 E5
24: D3 A4 C5 B2 E1
25: D4 B3 C1 E2 A5

Riders take the starting gate positions indicated. Gate A is on the inside of the track, whilst Gate E is on the outside.

No rider is required to take a minimum number of rides.

A team behind by eight or more points may substitute a programmed rider with any other rider in the team, provided each rider is only used as a tactical substitute or joker once. A substitute rider takes the helmet colour and starting gate position of the replaced rider.

Subject to the above conditions, a team may also nominate a joker in one heat per meeting. The joker may either be a programmed rider (provided they have not already ridden as a tactical substitute) or a tactical substitute, and any points they score are doubled.

Race points scored over all heats are used to determine the final placings. Where two or more teams are tied for first, second or third place, each team nominates a rider for a runoff. Ties for other places are resolved by:

  1. Most wins
  2. Most second places
  3. A ballot.

Page updated 08/01/2004